Social Media Landscape – 4 Visual Representations

Hat tip to Ross Dawson. Theses are clear representations of today’s social media landscape including Ross’s one.

Conversation Prism (August 2008)Brian Solis and Jesse Thomas.

Social Media Starfish (November 2007)Robert Scoble and Darren Barefoot.

Web 2.0 Landscape (September 2007)Vincenzo Cosenza (Vincos).

Web 2.0 Framework (May 2007) – Ross Dawson.


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4 thoughts on “Social Media Landscape – 4 Visual Representations”

    1. @Jari:

      Happy you liked the post! Yes these representations are pretty interesting because they give view of the social media landscape from different perspectives (user generated media, filters, web apps, networks, etc.).
      The impressive thing is the speed at which this social web scenario it’s evolving and how soon we’ll need to upgrade (again) this representations.

      Ah…BTW…recently I checked Is it you behind it?!


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