Dear Joseph Jaffe, We Want to Join the Conversation!

Episode: VMC #166 – Joseph Jaffe, We Want to Join the Conversation!

Dear Joseph,

Beside my main job (CEO, I teach marketing at the Business Department of ‘SAI’, Kauhajoki Upper Secondary School (Finland).

This year I had the pleasure of having an amazing group of media & communication students that joined my Digital Marketing course. Digital natives, highly motivated, fast learners… It was great to work with them.

The majority of the students didn’t have previous background or knowledge related to marketing so the last 10 months has been an intense ride for them. We focused on strategic marketing, went deep into the structure of operative & relationship marketing with focus on their evolution and the last part of the course was dedicated to new marketing concentrating on how the Internet and emerging technologies are changing the rules of the game… here’s where you came in!

We read, listened, watched your ‘juicy’ content and of course… we browsed together ‘Join the Conversation‘. I read the book (and reviewed it too 😉 ) so I thought to share it with them during the course. They loved your approach and so we decided to join the conversation with you!


Considering that they are media & communication students we decided to prepare this special outreach for you. They created a script for short movie to join the conversation with you! The entire video was directed, acted, edited and produced by them.

What’s the movie about:

An ‘unsual funky professor’ (me) teaches to a class of ‘traditional students’ (them). The more the professor talks about the potential of conversational marketing in this new media era the more the students feel engaged. Their black & white world changes into a colorful new enviroenment. The professor has fully transformed the students into cool media maniacs! Fascinated by this many-to-many era the students start to run around and ask questions to Joseph about marketing, brands, 30 sec spot, advertisement and anything they feel interested in…

these are the questions asked to you Joseph in the video:

  • How to reach consumers, without making them feel that they are being brainwashed?
  • People are so used to be interrupted by pointless 30 seconds spots… will they miss traditional advertisement or feel disoriented in this new conversational marketing era?
  • What´s the future of advertisement?
  • How brands can get it right in this many-to-many era?
  • Where stays the line between advertisement and manipulation? I mean the morality of affecting people in such a way?
  • Is there a better channel than Internet to join the conversation?
  • What about engagement through real feelings and emotions? This is how I want brands to connect with me… Is it possible or is it asking too much?
  • What do you think stops many organizations from joining the conversation? 

It took a lot of work, here you can check part of the ‘making of’ (slideshow here). If I can add a personal note… this video really shows their passion and drive (which I’m sure will help them in their future once they’ll become marketing/communication/PR practitioners).

Joseph, I guess you are the only one that can point his thumbs up or down about the work done. We sincerely hope to hear, watch or read your answers on jaffejuice to the questions they asked and your thoughts on this passionate outreach.

A big hug from all of us,


Credits: Jaanika Tµigast Hille Rokk Mari Viiard Kristina Poldots Kristiina Juurikas Piret Kuusik Petri Foudila Merili Kuntu

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