Neville Hobson #VMC Video Interview - Andrea Vascellari

Episode: VMC #162 – Neville Hobson, VMC Video Interview

Out of the endless list of topics I wanted to discuss together with Neville, these are the ones we managed to go cover:

  • Corporate & social media
  • FIR – For Immediate Release. Why the podcast? Why with Shel Holtz?
  • FIR Listeners Survey. The most interesting result?
  • FIR – How do you stay on top of trends?
  • FIR – Contribution. FIR community role.
  • Biggest change in podcasting since 2005.
  • Podcasting & Expectations.
  • Looking at the current change in society & communication. What communicators need to prepare for? and how?
  • Communicator point of view. How do you define PR and marketing?
  • Social media monitoring. Pros & Cons.
  • Most interesting use of social media seen lately?

@Neville: Thanks for the time and for the great chat!


Show Notes & Credits: Somesso, Neville Hobson, @jangles, Shel Holtz, @shel, FIR – For Immediate Release

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