0 thoughts on “Facebook Warning For Koobface Virus – How to Restore your Facebook Account”

  1. It has happened to a few people I know , and, yes, it sucks.
    Possible reasons:
    a. you have been unjustifiably flagged by a certain amount of people (competitors, haters etc) just to kick you out of facebook and harm your image, but mostly, prohibit you from doing your work in Facebook.
    b. some Facebook script has detected a kind of suspicious activity with your account (: your account had been compromised).
    To be honest, I consider it a matter of time before it happens to me too. But one can always open a new account with a different email and a slightly different identity.
    One thing to be VERY cautious about: do not tie client facebook pages to personal accounts just because of this.

  2. my facebook login doing show choose a verification method, show my recieve an automated phonecall click on answer code but icanot answer of code please my facebook will see shoe profile and etc.

  3. Hi!
    This same problem just happened to me but after how many tries, I cannot open my facebook account to start restoring. http://www.facebook.com just doesn’t open. How do i restore?
    Is there any other way that friends out there sould share?

  4. Hi!!
    I have removed the koobface virus a month ago and my computer is working perfectly fine but I cannot access my facebook account via my computer but can access via other computers … Any solution to this ??

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