What Could Lead Google’s Empire to Crack

Yes that’s the first thing I thought yesterday morning when I got Google Buzz running on my gmail… Google is losing focus.

I watched the live presentation, but I still wanted to play around with it a little bit before sharing my thoughts.

“Google Buzz is a new way to share updates, photos, videos and more…” What? Who needs that?!

  • Do I want to say and share something when I’m on the go? Yes, but I’ve been doing it on Twitter since 2006. Google feels a bit like a late comer.
  • Want to stay tuned on what people near me are buzzing about? Ok, but I’m already using Foursquare for that.
  • Status updates? Sure, but Facebook is where many of my friends live and even though it could be fun getting them on buzz not everyone uses gmail.

My take? Google is feeling the pressure from Twitter and Facebook. And you know what? It’s ok. It’s fine to have someone in the space that takes care of sharing micro updates and connecting with others.

Google should do what it is really good at doing…Google’s goal is to organize the world’s information. Google’s Social Search? Amazing. Google’s Real Time Search? Fantastic… so stick with it Google!

Google is huge and keeps growing. From this point on losing focus is what could lead Google’s empire to crack.

Your take? Share it in the comments or via Twitter @vascellari (remember to link to this post, it will make it easier for me to track the conversation).


0 thoughts on “What Could Lead Google’s Empire to Crack”

  1. I must say it felt like a bit of an “Oh, no!” It’s hard enough keeping up with everything else. I was totally underwhelmed by Buzz.

    I was incredibly excited by Google Wave and that was a real let down. So this took me completley by surprise. Increasingly Google feels like a major corporation trying to do everything just in case it’s the next big thing.

    I’m beginning to lose interest just a wee bit.

    1. @jon “Increasingly Google feels like a major corporation trying to do everything just in case it’s the next big thing” this is exactly how I’m starting to feel about it too and I think that this is what will ultimately lead Google to crack. Maybe I’ll have to keep playing around with it a bit more but so far Buzz didn’t impressed me as much as I thought.

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