Apple and Adobe…You guys should talk


Adobe Flash Player & Apple

Apple and Adobe have figure out a way to go hand in hand in this. Now Apple won’t even ship anymore Macs with a pre-installed Flash player leaving that as an option to the end users that will have to download it directly from Adobe. Same goes with Java, although I believe that could have a minor impact. Anyway, Apple and Adobe should really talk about this. It’s 2010, how long this battle will keep going on? Com’on guys…

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  1. They really can’t talk about it.
    Apple wants to kill Flash. Adobe wants Flash to live.
    Adobe, well, wouldn’t want to dismantle their major technology, which is practically a core part of the Internet nowadays, only because a certain Steve wants them to.
    Apple claims Flash is too bad a technology to be used (and though they don’t admit it as a reason: it provides a non-AppStore-channel for applications in iOS).
    I don’t believe we’ll be seeing any kind of official Flash support on iOS devices anytime soon.

    1. @Tuomas heh…yes it’s true. If Adobe lose the battle though I’m wondering what will happen also to RIA like Flex etc. Pity that in any case in the end are the end users paying the consequences of such ‘power games’.

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