Cisco TelePresence & Education

Cisco’s Telepresence is one of the most advanced virtual meeting systems in the world.
In cooperation with the Finnish organizations of KOKO, SEK and SuupohjanSeutuverkko, which runs one of the fastest broadband networks in Europe, my team and I tested Cisco Telepresence as a primary means to present information across distances without breaking budgets.


  • Create an engaging experience to test the use of Cisco Telepresence in a higher education environment.
  • Provide feedback to Cisco on the target audience’s experience using online video communication tools.

The Idea
We organized a live, interactive video conference connecting university students with thoughtful leaders of today’s digital Communications industry.

For this initiative, we selected a group of students from Memorial University in Newfoundland, Canada – a country that shares similarities with Finland regarding debilitating winter climates and large, physical distances – difficult factors that could both be addressed and supported with remote virtual learning programs as an ideal solution.

Sitting on the other end of the video conference were itive’s CEO (me) and CCO – two individuals who have solid experience in the digital space.

During the online event, the students had access to itive’s executives for a live Q&A session about having a career in Communications and on how the industry is changing.

The students were then asked to complete a survey about their experiences using online video communication tools in order to provide valuable feedback to Cisco.


  • Organized a specific training session for the student leader of the group on how to use the Cisco software.
  • Conducted a pre-event survey to focus the video conference on the most relevant topics for the students.
  • Managed a 1-hour live, online video conference session between the students and itive’s executives.
  • Conducted a post-event survey filled out by students about their experience using online video communication tools.
  • Followed up with students providing additional feedback and answers concerning topics that weren’t covered during the live event because of limited time.

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