2010 Blueprint

This is a blueprint of what I’m planning to share on my blog in 2010. I created it few days ago during my flight to New York keeping in mind who you are and what you need (remember Tag Yourself?).

The tool I used is mindnode and as you can see it’s still a draft that I intentionally left incomplete because I wanted to hear your thoughts about it. The aim is to ultimately add value to what you’ll read/watch here on my my blog in 2010.

What would you add or change?



  • draft #1 here.
  • draft #2 here.
  • the one you see now is the 3rd version and it’s based on the ideas & feedback you gave so far. If you still feel to add something feel free to share.

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0 thoughts on “2010 Blueprint”

  1. Great idea to check this with your community.

    Personally, I’d love to see more interviews with communications practitioners working at the intersection of communications and digital marketing. The blogosphere is awash with tips, tricks and advice but I do think one of the best ways of learning about what’s going and encouraging debate is to hear first hand the stories of communications at work. You know, real life stuff!

    Look forward to seeing what you come up with!

  2. I’m agree with Carlo and Jon on interviews. I also found useful tutorials or guides (as “how to analyse brand using twitter lists”).
    That’s all for now, and you know why 😉

  3. I think you mindmap is great but I suggest keep it simple. I like the mantra “Just do one thing and do it really well”. So, interviews and people, I think if you look back at your posts you’ll see they provided the most value.
    Keep up the good work see you soon.

  4. Dear Andrea,

    First, thank you for including my opinion as you build your plan for 2010! I really enjoy your interviews at conferences but one thing I’d like to see is a personalized “how I use [insert tool here]” and reviews of some of your favorite products and tools.

    For instance, as Foursquare and other location sharing services (Yelp, Gowalla, Loopt, etc.) take off, I’d love to see your opinion on which one you use and why and the benefit you think is inherent in using them.

    Also, reviewing briefly the technology you use for your videos and interviews and such would be something I’d really like to see. Perhaps short posts on what camera, video camera, microphone, even your tripod 😉 and where you can find them.

    Those are just a couple ideas of mine…overall I’m excited to keep following your blog and your travels. Keep up the hustle and I’ll talk to you soon!

  5. Andrea –

    Gladly, it is no problem. I appreciate how you take your readers’ “content-desires” into consideration for your writing.

    All the best! – John

      1. You’re certainly in touch with your readerbase very closely, it separates you from a lot of other bloggers (at least some of the few that I have read).

        One other thing, I’m not sure if you have done this before, but I just read on your company’s site that you are a partner of Six Apart. It would be neat to see some unique interviews with their founders!

        Really pumped to continue learning on here, that’s really what it’s all about and I’m glad you’re facilitating that via your blog. It’s 2am in Singapore but I’m motivated right now, haha, take care dude!

          1. Thanks Andrea, that would be really cool! I’ll keep my eyes open and my ears on the grapevine to see when you’re able to interview them. Talk soon!

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