[Communications Report] for October 19th 2010 – AndreaVascellari.com

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2010 Blueprint

This is a blueprint of what I’m planning to share on my blog in 2010. I created it few days ago during my flight to New York keeping in mind who you are and what you need (remember Tag Yourself?).

The tool I used is mindnode and as you can see it’s still a draft that I intentionally left incomplete because I wanted to hear your thoughts about it. The aim is to ultimately add value to what you’ll read/watch here on my my blog in 2010.

What would you add or change?



  • draft #1 here.
  • draft #2 here.
  • the one you see now is the 3rd version and it’s based on the ideas & feedback you gave so far. If you still feel to add something feel free to share.

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