Why Digital Strategy and Online Video are Important

During Social Media Week in Rome (Italy) Elena Radaelli (Augmendy) interviewd me and Leah D’Emilio (CCO, itive.net) about social media strategy. The video interview is in Italian but has been transcribed into English below. We mention some interesting points about digital strategy and online video, enjoy it!

Elena: We are here with Andrea Vascellari and Leah D’Emilio, respectively the CEO and CCO of itive.net. How do you help businesses with digital strategy?

Andrea: Most importantly, before anything else, you must understand what the client needs, look at their objectives together, analyze where they are coming from and see what they want to achieve. Then we create a solid overall strategic plan including “tactical” moves which allow them to achieve their objectives. It’s like creating or improving their digital DNA to succeed online. Because today it’s not just the fact about being online, you also have to be ‘smart’ about it. Leah, for example, is one of our team members who specializes in new media, like online video and related tactics.

Elena: Therefore, video is very important. How do you use video to launch and promote businesses?

Leah: Yes, because a video is something very personal where you can explain something in an easier way, more…

Andrea: Efficiently, let’s say…

Leah: Yes, the person who looks at your site, whether its a dot com or on Facebook, they can better understand your product or service in a deeper way. Video also allows you to create a more fun and engaging experience!

Andrea: A common mistake that many business owners make online today is showing a brand that is cold and faceless. They don’t have personality and they don’t create a relationship of engagement with their target audience, or if they are b2b (business to business), with the potential businesses that they want to reach and talk to.

Video reduces this distance, but you have to do it intelligently. Leah and our team are highly specialized and very strong in this. Obviously, there are other tactics you can put into the mix to have a super “social media cocktail”.

Elena: Obviously, you can’t leave out social media in particular Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, which should business have?

Andrea: It depends. Because there are so many social networks – and in general many sites that are online are becoming social – therefore we are starting to have an over-saturation of social networks in an increasingly larger number of niches. One important thing we must evaluate then is which social network is better to adopt. You have to look at the needs and objectives of the client. It could be Twitter, Facebook, Flickr or it could be other social networks. There are many social networks out there. For example now here at Social Media Week there are many new startups being born and presented. What we do is help our clients to select the right strategic path to follow including the best social media tactics to adopt.

Elena: Many thanks to Andrea Vascellari and Leah D’Emilio
Andrea and Leah: Thank you!

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