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Episode: VMC #343 – Social Costume

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Check out what I found in Venice yesterday during the Carnival…yes, a Facebook costume!

When I saw it a thought crossed my mind: A few years ago, I was sending out invites to my friends to join and connect with me on Facebook. Initially, many of them didn’t even reply or check it out and today…well, we all know how things have changed. Facebook became one of the dominant platforms for social networking.

The ‘social’ aspect of the web reached its mature stage and placed a new brick in the building of our future life. The line that used to separate the digital world from our everyday life keeps blurring and it will keep fading away the more the Internet becomes a part of the lives of people in the most far and remote corners of our planet.

Now we got to a point at which people discovered that social interaction can take place online just as it does offline. How are things going to move forward from now on?

At least at this stage, Facebook’s role in how people socialize and communicate is fundamental. Facebook is not redefining social, it’s simply taking it to a new extent. However, it still has the reins of social data and social interaction. I’m wondering if and how things will change once people start feeling the need to be in control of the data they are sharing and using in their social ecosystem. Will Facebook change its nature from ‘social box’ to ‘social catalyst’? Will emerging projects like Diaspora become new fertile lands where people will be able to take care of their own data and social life?

Today’s social costume is a ‘Facebook wall’, what will it be in the future?

I’d love to hear your thoughts on this.


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