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Jody Koehler and his coopr.nl team interviewed me for their The PR Spotlight series. Enjoy it!

We at Coopr connect with international PR professionals daily. From Sydney to Vancouver and from Cape Town to Helsinki. More and more PR professionals connect with each other online, via Twitter, blogs, podcasts or Facebook. To share their knowledge, thoughts, doubts and passion for Public Relations. With ‘The PR Spotlight’ we wish to contribute to this active PR community. We will try to approach some of the best in PR for you. To help you find answers. ‘The PR Spotlight’ today is on Andrea Vascellari, CEO of itive.net, communicator, blogger and video-poscaster. Please enjoy his 7 answers and help us share the story!

1. Who are you and what do you do?
I’m Andrea Vascellari, currently the CEO of itive.net and international digital strategy agency with headquarters in Finland and New York City. My team and I help companies to build dynamic relationships with customers, employees, shareholders, influencers and other key audiences world-wide . I’m also a blogger and video-podcaster. I share posts and videos on my website andreavascellari.com.

2. What does PR mean to you?
PR is an art and I’m in love with it.

3. How do you see the role of PR in the near future?
The role of PR will be fundamental, more than ever before, and its practice increasingly exciting. Especially because of the growth of the Internet, today’s communications eco-system in which organizations are immersed is growing in size and complexity; therefore, its going to be necessary for organizations to manage their reputation in different scenarios at best, whether it is a product launch or a crisis situation.

4. PR sucks because…
…well let’s say that it is not PR that sucks. What really sucks when I think about PR is the bad “nomea” that some practitioners gave over the years to, in my opinion, this beautiful and fascinating industry. I think that PR is now living an interesting period because social media is in a sense functioning as a natural filter that is starting to separate the practitioners that are actually doing a good job from the ones that aren’t. Good guys will keep growing, bad guys will fall.

5. PR rules because…
It is one of the core parts of the overall communication “equilibrium” of all organizations that truly want to succeed. It’s so interesting to see what PR is becoming. I think the Internet is the best thing that could have happened to PR, especially if you look at the speed at which things are happening and evolving in this industry. When I think about the new opportunities and challenges that come with this digital evolution I can’t sleep, it’s something that literally makes me explode with excitement!

6. What’s hot on your radar right now?
The new generations of digital natives and the new rules of engagement that are emerging with them.

7. Who’s the best in your field? And why?
Heh…this is an interesting question because I don’t think there’s a ‘best’ in any field, I believe that there are a lot of great people highly specialized in different niches. So in PR I would also say that it depends on what you are looking for. Are you interested in B2B? Eric Schwartzman immediately comes to my mind. Are you in need of insightful researches? Then I’d say Jeremiah Owyang, and indeed Brian Solis who always has his eye on upcoming trends. If you actually have no idea whatsoever of where to start, I encourage you to listen to FIR (For Immediate Release). FIR is a weekly podcast at the intersection of online communication and public relations. Hosted by Neville Hobson & Shel Holtz, it’s a wonderful show that I’m sure will help get you on the right path. Inside PR with Martin WaxmanJoe Thornley, and Gini Dietrich is another terrific podcast you want to make sure to check out.
The ones I mentioned are all fantastic practitioners and also good friends that I feel comfortable enough to recommend. In addition to this I often refer to several other good folks in my blog posts and videos on andreavascellari.com, I hope you’ll find it interesting. Feel free to ask me more via twitter @vascellari!

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