Influencer Outreach Tips

Due to the increasing number of bad pitches that I keep receiving everyday, I decided to share a list of tips that you might want to keep in mind when you are getting in touch with me or any other blogger/influencer. Andrea

  1. When you are trying to pitch someone, please have a look if they have a page in which they provide information related to advertisement on their site. (Rates, policy, requirements, etc.).
  2. Check if the blog/site has the audience that you are really looking for (pitching a blogger without even paying attention to his/her audience is not a good move).
  3. Provide proper contact information about you, your company, the client you are representing (not just your website…).
  4. What are the benefits? (Simple… Make it clear).
  5. Keep it short and on topic. (Skip irrelevant details. People are spending their time reading your message).
  6. Don’t beg for backlinks.
  7. Don’t use pathetic tricks like “Just wanted to follow up on my last e-mail…” if you actually never wrote ‘that last e-mail’…
  8. If you are trying to reach people in the social media space it would be a good idea to at least have a social media presence. (Having a channel where people can join the conversation with you is a plus and an advantage for both. And I mean something more than a simple contact form on your site).
  9. Research before pitching. (Search on the blog/site for any post that might contain information about advertising/guest posting etc.).
  10. Personalize your message and be genuine (Nobody likes to receive an automated, cliche, cold message that you are probably sending out to hundreds of bloggers/influencers).
  11. Be polite (I don’t think I have to add anything to this… right?).
  12. Show that you know the person you are trying to reach. (Show that you’ve dug a bit deeper than finding the email address on their contact page).

Do you have additional tips that other people might find useful? Feel free to share them in the comments or tweet them @vascellari. Andrea

4 thoughts on “Influencer Outreach Tips”

  1. Andrea, this is solid information, thanks for writing it! I have a question for you, maybe it is a request for a future post: what are some ways of reaching out and rewarding power users to genuinely encourage them to become evangelists for your product?

    Is that too broad a question? Really interested in your thoughts on this topic!

    Talk soon,

    John X

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