It’s About Us and Balance.

Wedding (Italy)

Our economic system is collapsing. This “recession” is just a joke. A recession? A recession from what? From this purposeless system we created?

This is just the tip of the iceberg and things are about to get worse.

Admit it, ignore it. We are all well aware of how much we pushed the boundaries and how much this going to cost us.
You can argue about a whole lot of things, but there’s just one and only truth. Balance.

You can try to change, move and push every single law that governs the natural world we are living in as much as you want, but guess what…it will all go back to a perfect point of balance.

We pushed. We pushed too much and even worse we “created” on top of these absurd and unsustainable abstract systems that we think “can” live in fictional bubbles. One of the many examples? This senseless monetary system.

Where are we going people? This, all this, is just ri-di-cu-lous.
Am I against money? Well… a currency system can be a good thing if it’s managed the right way, if you know what I mean.

You might think that I’m crazy, but actually I believe that I’ve never been more concrete in my entire life and the more time goes by the more I feel like we all just missed the damn point.

It’s not about the money, it’s about us. Us.

Anyway, if this rings any bells or moves something inside of you, drop a comment and I’ll be happy to talk more about this in future posts…this indeed if you are not trapped in a pointless “social-freaking-media” bubble that stops you or makes you lazy enough to not comment on this. Nothing against social media…I like it, but way too many people are missing the point on that, too.

I will just reply to comments here on my blog.