Better Video For Your Business – 3 Tips by Steve Garfield

Episode: VMC #221 – Better Video For Your Business – # Tips by Steve Garfield

When I think about video Steve Garfield is one of the first names that comes to my mind. He is a pioneer, I’ve been following him for years and I finally met him in New York during social media week NY. Steve gave me also a copy of his new book Get Seen (thanks Steve!). He didn’t ask for it but I’ll review it. If you are thinking about it the answer is ‘No, this is not a sponsored post’, he really knows what he’s talking about and as usual I’m happy to share it with you.

We had a nice chat about the book and we recorded this episode in which he also shared 3 tips on how organizations can use video to better promote their business.

Click, play, enjoy!


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0 thoughts on “Better Video For Your Business – 3 Tips by Steve Garfield”

  1. Way cool to see Steve popping up around the web. I must track down a copy of the book as I video nutz too. Would like to say good music in the video is a way huge help. I like yours 😉

    People getting started just need to relax and realize that you’re the one least used to looking a you. The people around you see you all the time and accept you so dont be all camera shy. Put it out here!


  2. Have the Book. Read the book. Now trying to live the book. Like Steve said,there’s info in there for the novice as well as the seasoned pro….Thanks

  3. @Tom: I started to read the book… and as you said there’s a lot of valuable content for who’s getting into online video. I’ve already created 200+ videos but I found some new interesting tips too, so thumbs up from me 😉

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