Solution: Friends’ Circles are Handy but Painful to Manage


I’m sure you noticed how handy it is to manage friends on Facebook listing them under specific groups/lists. The problem is that the process to group the friends is pretty painful. Circlehack solves this problem turning this into a flawless experience with a simple click & drag interface – see screenshot above.

Hat tip to Leah D’Emilio for the great suggestion.


LeWeb – It’s All About Platforms

Allow me to say that LeWeb is one of ‘juiciest’ events we have in Europe. This year’s edition of LeWeb is going to be all about platforms. The event will take place in Paris Dec. 8th and 9th 2010 and Loic & Geraldine will tell you more about it as soon as you click play on the video below.

Am I going to be there? Yes, I’ve been invited as an official blogger.

What will I do as an official blogger? I’ll take things to the next level. I won’t release a countless number of posts like I did in previous years. I’ll work on only one, high quality video. A masterpiece that will bring you all the top Marketing and PR content from LeWeb.

Why? The reason is simple: you have no time to check tons of videos/posts. So I’ll do all the hard work to summarize the best communications content ‘in pills’ and bring it to you in one great package.

I already tested this new format at the NEXT conference in Berlin and received great feedback from you all so I hope you’ll find this new upcoming video from LeWeb valuable, as well.