Digital Center of Excellence

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FIR On Strategy with Andrea VascellariThis is part of a series of posts that explores the “Adaptive Digital Strategy Framework” , an operative guide that I created to plan, execute and manage online strategy programs more effectively and efficiently. Each of post of this series comes with an audio podcast in which you will find the audio version of the post with additional audio commentary about the discussed topics. The name of the podcast is “FIR On Strategy with Andrea Vascellari”.

I briefly mentioned the Center of Excellence when we talked about digital governance models, but in this post we’ll dive deep into it understanding what exactly is a Digital Center of Excellence, why it’s important, what are its main responsibilities and how we can establish one in our organizations.

What’s a Center of Excellence?

In general, Center of Excellence (COE), also known as a competency center or a capability center, refers to a team or an entity that provides leadership in a determined focus area.

For us this focus area is digital, so we can describe the COE as a centralized hub for digital excellence between executive layers and business units.

The COE empowers the existing management and execution roles within each division to introduce digital elements as they apply to each circumstance while still centralizing the resources and intelligence necessary to guide stakeholders. This COE team is often run and managed by a Social/Digital Strategist. The executive management team responsible for the direction of the brand though, remains at the center. Continue reading “Digital Center of Excellence”