Stakeholder Analysis

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FIR On Strategy with Andrea VascellariThis is part of a series of posts that explores the “Adaptive Digital Strategy Framework”, an operative guide that I created to plan, execute and manage online strategy programs more effectively and efficiently. Each of post of this series comes with an audio podcast in which you will find the audio version of the post with additional audio commentary about the discussed topics. The name of the podcast is “FIR On Strategy with Andrea Vascellari”.

Involving as many as possible of those who are affected by or have an interest in any project or initiative leads to a better process and greater results. But in order to manage a participatory process and gain all the advantages it brings, we have to figure out who the stakeholders are, which of them need to be involved at what level, and what problems they may bring with them. In today’s cast/post we will understand what do we mean by stakeholders, what are their levels of interest, why it’s important to understand it, who are the most valuable stakeholders and how we should analyze them.

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