Remote Work Advantages

Have no money to invest in what your business or organization needs the most? This post is part of a productivity series aimed at helping you optimize your budget management.

It’s true that there are still some jobs that can’t be done remotely using the web or telecommunication systems; however, many jobs can and are being done in that way thanks to these useful technologies available to most companies.

Accounting, project management, marketing, PR, programming, design, web and mobile development, etc., are just some of the jobs that – depending on the nature of a project – can be done remotely. Continue reading “Remote Work Advantages”

Just a Few Care

Project after project, I realize that it is a small (too small) number of people who actually put their heart & soul into what they do.
The large majority doesn’t care. They do something because they have to or because they kind of like it enough to keep doing it until they get bored and drop it.

The only truth is that many people are not 100% in love with what they do.

So my suggestion is: Quit right now and do something you love more than anything else, otherwise your lack of commitment will just keep causing never ending problems for the people who work with you. Period.

Do you have any thoughts to share? As usual, you are more than welcome.