Remote Work Advantages

Have no money to invest in what your business or organization needs the most? This post is part of a productivity series aimed at helping you optimize your budget management.

It’s true that there are still some jobs that can’t be done remotely using the web or telecommunication systems; however, many jobs can and are being done in that way thanks to these useful technologies available to most companies.

Accounting, project management, marketing, PR, programming, design, web and mobile development, etc., are just some of the jobs that – depending on the nature of a project – can be done remotely.

There are numerous benefits for both organizations and employees when working remotely, one of them is cost (physical and financial) reductions, including: Reduced stress-levels, higher job satisfaction, less pollution, less need for expensive office space and business utilities, etc.

The most important things to have “in place” in order to get remote working solutions running at best within your organization are:

  • Accurate planning: The work must be carefully organized in order to become objective and goal-oriented for everyone.
  • Internal policies: Create a policy to inform and educate each remote person or group about what is expected from them and how they will be held accountable.

Are you working remotely? Did your organization implement remote working successfully?
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