The key for success in this digital era

I believe that the key for success in this digital era lies at the intersection of technology, business and people. It’s something so simple, right?

Well, you might be surprised to know that for many this is still a difficult concept to understand and achieve.

Just think about it.

Think about how many talented teams of engineers (people) have great ideas and develop new excellent products (technology) but don’t know what an actually business plan (business) looks like. On the other hand, think about great marketing campaigns that sell lousy products or when products are targeted to the wrong audience. Every time you see a project failing there’s always something missing from one of these 3 core spheres: technology, business and people.

A vital concept that many people probably don’t pay enough attention to because of its almost too extreme simplicity.

At the world blogging forum (check video below) I explored some of the trends that we are seeing in the 3 spheres linking back to what we are doing in Finland.

Please keep in mind: The audience was ‘general’ and not representative of any specific niche so this was not a technical talk, a keynote presentation or a workshop targeted to advanced strategies and tactics to leverage each aspect of these 3 spheres. I simply introduced the audience to this concept and left the topic open for discussion during the panel with the other panelists. If you are interested in more specific presentations with advanced content you might be interested in having a look at m my speaking archive.

I once again thank Ritchie (@datadirt) for inviting me and for the flawless organization of the event. And now, enjoy the video!


Andrea Vascellari -The key for success in this digital era from World Blogging Forum Vienna 2010 on Vimeo.

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