Engaging Consumers – Social Media Boot Camp for Entrepreneurs

This week I had the pleasure of being invited by Eric Schwartzman to present as a guest speaker at his Social Media Boot Camp for Entrepreneurs in Rome (Italy) during Social Media Week. I talked about how you can engage consumers (current and potential) in new ways using social media.

In my presentation I shared:

  • Two case studies + Take aways (Teymur Madjderey aka Icedsoul, and Exclusive Sicily)
  • Some Interesting books
  • Special tips for entrepreneurs on strategic use of Twitter, Facebook and Slideshare

Of course, a special thanks to Eric and a digital hug to all the interesting entrepreneurs that I met at the venue!


Eric Schwartzman & Andrea Vascellari
Eric Schwartzman & Andrea Vascellari – Photo Credit: Leah D’Emilio

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