Twitter Advertising? 5K. Thanks.

Twitter ads? 5K thanks...

Are you interested in having your ads on Twitter? Yes? Ok, that’ll be at least $5000.
Looking at the ‘natural influence’ of big brands that probably have no need for ads on Twitter vs the 5k minimum budget for smaller businesses and other players that want to make their voices heard it’s certainly something that makes me think.
Beth Harte recently grabbed my attention on this topic with a Facebook update, I’m interested to hear your thoughts on this ‘barrier’ at the entrance that Twitter has set.

3 thoughts on “Twitter Advertising? 5K. Thanks.”

  1. As I move into the final stages of preparing to launch a gourmet bratwurst/t-shirt biz. I’m searching every nook and cranny for inexpensive ways to advertise. I’m sure Twitter sees 5k ads as an insane bargain for the “big brands” who are use to shelling out 100’s of thousands to millions of dollars in advertising. But for the small boot-strapped, penny pinching start-ups (that would be me)…$5,000 starting price is just a tad too expensive.

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