Productivity and Growth Always Come First?

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We are recklessly working with complete disregard for our mental, physical and social health.

This “always connected” digital age is only part of the problem that is almost turning us into slaves of the system we are living in. In my opinion, there is something fundamental that we shouldn’t forget at a much deeper and human level.

It has become increasingly difficult to find the right balance between what we have to do in order to live and actually living our life. It seems to me that we are going crazy and we are fine with it because it seems to be “the norm”. This is not normal, it’s not how it should be.

If we spend our existence in an “always-on” mode we don’t live. We need to switch-off certain leds in our control room, otherwise, sooner or later, something will blow up.

I think this is what’s happening in our society right now. Productivity and growth come first.

What’s the opposite of growth?
I bet that for many of you it took a little too long to come up with an answer to this question.

Decay, reduction and recession themselves are things we distance ourselves from even if they are natural consequences of periods of growth – natural or artificial and inflated…

There’s no trend or phenomenon in nature that can constantly only grow. In my opinion, the acceptance of stagnation and decline as a self regulatory mechanism is important not just on a macro scale, but also on a micro level and in a more personal sphere.

Your take?

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3 thoughts on “Productivity and Growth Always Come First?”

  1. Being bigger than your job or task at hand tends to allow even bigger results and growth… without sacrificing the whole. That’s the cliffs notes version, at any rate…

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