Marketing Over Coffee Awards

Marketing Over Coffee Awards

The Marketing Over Coffee Awards honor those who have done exemplary work in Marketing over the past year. Often the winners sit at the intersection of Marketing and Technology, having identified a future trend and put it to work. The awards also seek to honor those who educate, have a commitment to their community, are professional, and do work of the highest quality.

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Productivity and Growth Always Come First?

Image Credit: Gapingvoid

We are recklessly working with complete disregard for our mental, physical and social health.

This “always connected” digital age is only part of the problem that is almost turning us into slaves of the system we are living in. In my opinion, there is something fundamental that we shouldn’t forget at a much deeper and human level.
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More Personal, More Private

The best experiences I’ve had online come from content I’ve shared on my blog and the conversations it generated. I’m not just talking about public interactions – those certainly offer great value – but, especially about private ones. Continue reading “More Personal, More Private”

What I care about for those who care

I like the conversations that I have on the go, but I have to admit that for some reason conversations feel better when I’m at home talking with a small and more intimate group of friends. It’s that intimacy that I think got lost with online communication today. Continue reading “What I care about for those who care”


May 15-16 2010 Coimbra (Portugal). I’ll be there to deliver a keynote at the SWITCH conference (disclosure:, my company, is official partner of the event).

The aim of the event is to gather scientists, entrepreneurs, do-ers, thinkers, technologists and everyone in between to discuss the present and the future in a knowledge and idea sharing experience. It will be all about diversity (of ideas, people and themes) and will count an amazing line of portuguese and international speakers.

Differently from many other events the tickets for SWITCH fit anyone’s budget (the organizers did a great work to make this possible) + they have a special offer for students. You can grab your tickets here!
If you want to find out more about the conference I suggest you to have a look at the official Twitter channel and Facebook page of the event.

For insights directly from the venue make sure to connect via twitter with me @vascellari (please, read my policy first) and of course with @itive 🙂
I’ll try to record my presentation so if won’t make it to Coimbra you’ll be able to watch it on-demand here on my blog. Stay tuned via RSS!


So Happy I met You!

2009  has been a crazy year for me. A lot changed in my personal life and I had the chance of working with new amazing people. I spent more time on the go than at home but this gave me the opportunity of meeting many of you face to face in the real world…and this, for me, it’s priceless.

This is a slideshow that brings you some of the photos I took during the 2009 Tour

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If we didn’t see in 2009 I really hope we’ll meet in 2010!

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