Marketing Over Coffee Awards

Marketing Over Coffee Awards

The Marketing Over Coffee Awards honor those who have done exemplary work in Marketing over the past year. Often the winners sit at the intersection of Marketing and Technology, having identified a future trend and put it to work. The awards also seek to honor those who educate, have a commitment to their community, are professional, and do work of the highest quality.

I’d like to thank Christopher Penn and John Wall for the award I received this year related to the QR Digital Assistant Project conducted by my team and me over at

If you are looking for some good marketing inspiration, here’s the list of winners from the 25th Annual Marketing Over Coffee Awards for 2012:

I also encourage you to have a look at Marketing Over Coffee (MOC). I’ve been a long time, faithful listener and Chris & John never cease to amaze me. I hope this project gave something back to the fantastic work they do and, indeed, to the great MOC community.


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