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FIR On Strategy with Andrea VascellariThis is part of a series of posts that explores the “Adaptive Digital Strategy Framework”, an operative guide that I created to plan, execute and manage strategy programs more effectively and efficiently.

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Defining a clear scope it’s critical to a project’s success. In today’s episode we will understand what the scope is, why it’s so important and how to define the scope of your projects.

I’ll share with you an actionable methodology that you can use to define the scope of your projects so that you’ll walk away with an actual tool that you can use to execute your projects more effectively and efficiently.

What is the scope of a project

The scope defines the work that needs to be done in order to successfully accomplish our project’s objectives… >> play audio for full commentary.

Why is execution so important

  1. It guides your team by framing the “why” of the project.
  2. Without defining the scope of the project we can not estimate either cost or time.
  3. Lack of clarity in the scope generates issues that can compromise the successful achievement of the objectives.

To find out more about these 3 points >> play audio for full commentary.

How to define the scope of a project

These questions will help you frame the project and outline what needs to be discussed with your team in relation to the scope during your kickoff meeting.

Let’s jump right into it:

  1. What’s the project’s objective/s – Need help with your objectives? >> Here’s a full guide to for you…
  2. What’s the background
  3. Who are the internal/external targets – Not sure how to define them? >> Here’s an episode on Audience Analysis that I’m sure you will find interesting…
  4. What is the outcome
  5. What is the outcome responsible for
  6. What’s the deadline
  7. What’s the size
  8. What is the budget – Need practical tips to optimize your budgets? >> No problem, here you go…
  9. What’s the impact
  10. What are the resources involved

On “FIR on Strategy” I aim at giving you actionable recommendations that you can start implementing right away to execute your initiatives more effectively and efficiently. If you want to find out more about what I shared in this part of the podcast >> play audio for full commentary.

Over to you

This is based on my experience, what would you adjust based on yours? What do you think about it? Is something missing? Looking at the sector you are working in, would you approach this differently? Let me know in the comments.

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