The Execution Phase

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FIR On Strategy with Andrea VascellariThis is part of a series of posts that explores the “Adaptive Digital Strategy Framework”, an operative guide that I created to plan, execute and manage strategy programs more effectively and efficiently.

Each podcast of this series comes with show notes that briefly summarize the discussed topics. For the full commentary you will have to listen to the audio.

“FIR on Strategy with Andrea Vascellari” is part of the “ FIR For Immediate Release Podcast Network”.

In this episode you will understand:

  • What is the execution phase?
  • Why it’s so important?
  • And then I’ll share with you an actionable methodology to kickoff your execution phase more efficiently.

What is the execution phase?

The Execution phase is what actually brings the strategic plan to fruition.
It’s the result of the planning decisions made by the organization and its team. This is the phase that consumes the most time, energy and the most resources in a project’s life cycle… >> play audio for full commentary.

Why is execution so important?

A great plan without solid execution is useless. As I said, execution is the most demanding phase in a project life cycle but to that I would also add that is the less linear… >> play audio for full commentary.

How to execute your projects efficiently?

Start executing your plans with an hour long meeting during which you will look at these 4 key points:

  • Scope
  • Plan
  • Operations
  • Tasks

On “FIR on Strategy” I aim at giving you actionable recommendations that you can start implementing right away to execute your initiatives more effectively and efficiently. If you want to find out more about what I shared in this part of the podcast >> play audio for full commentary.

Over to you

This is based on my experience, what would you adjust based on yours? What do you think about it? Is something missing? Looking at the sector you are working in, would you approach this differently? Let me know in the comments.

Andrea @vascellari
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