How to Upload Files and Folders to Google Docs

Upload folders to Google Docs

Here’s how you can upload, not just files, but an entire folder from your computer to the cloud using Google Docs.

I can’t tell you how happy I am about this new feature! I’ve been waiting ages for this. It’s handy to upload data to the cloud but when you deal with a huge number of files you need a way to transfer offline archives to the cloud without then spending extra time in reordering everything once everything is online. This new Google Docs feature solves the problem.

Google Docs is an essential tool that I use on a daily basis with my team and clients. If you are not familiar with Google Docs I encourage you to have a look at it, I’m sure it will come in handy.




Life is not easy at times.

Especially the last 2 years have been really intense for me. I managed fantastic projects and achieved great goals with my team. On the other hand one of the longest relationships I had came to an end and I lost a person that meant so much to me. I’ve been through wonderful and terrible periods. During the tough ones I was struggling to find something that was keeping me going.
So I decided to tag some tweets and facebook updates with #livegoodlife. These updates were about moments that I was living and that made feel good.

Since twitter is losing tweets (many old tweets don’t seem to be searchable) I decided to keep track of them so I could browse through this list of happy thoughts during hard times and feel good again.

It worked and this is what I keep doing.
I collect nice snippets of life and dive into them when I need something to remind me what makes me happy.

It might sound weird to some but for me it turned out to be a perfect way to get that inner strength during difficult periods at work or in my private life.

In addition to that it’s amazing to see how supportive has been all my community and network of contacts in the process. Often the #livegoodlife updates that I shared are the ones that got most traction. These social web vibes are another thing that can help you a lot.


Did my life change using #livegoodlife? Well it’s definitely easier to go on through tough times 🙂
Did it help me to get into a new relationship? Unfortunately not. Although I’m doing my best it doesn’t seem easy to find the right person nowadays. But #livegoodlife helps me to keep thinking positive and who knows maybe one day this will change too.

I hope #livegoodlife will help you too as it did with me.


A New Way To Backup Your Tweets and Make Them Searchable with Google Calendar

In the long run many tweets don’t seem to be searchable. This is why I decided to have a backup of all my updates.

How to do it?

Few months ago I read the tips shared by Steve Rubel on this topic. The idea was to use Twistory to subscribe and consequentially import your tweets to Google Calendar. At that point all your tweets would have been saved and of course searchable. Really handy.

Unfortunately now Twistory works in a bit different way so Steve’s trick doesn’t work anymore but Marsh Gardiner came up with another interesting way to achieve the same goal. Enjoy!

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