Foursquare Mayor gets a free coffee

via Forusquare Mayor gets a free coffee

If you followed Itive for a while you probably already know that we always try to find new ways to extend the online interaction that we usually have with our community to offline world. This is why from now on we decided to also give a reward to the people that engage the most with us on foursquare by offering a free cup of coffee to who ousts the current mayor of our headquarters.

Why a cup of coffee? Coffee is always a good way to connect, network and find common interests. Let’s get to know each other better, we’d love to meet you!

At the moment we are testing this just at our European headquarters, but if it gets good traction we are planning to extend it also to our HQ in New York. Stay tuned!

No Conflict Between Creator and Consumers

Today while I was searching for new interesting news to add to my next communications report I bumped into an interesting video produced by Simon Klose.

The crucial importance of the proper and improper use of copyright law is a key point in the future of markets in this digital era.

Click, play, think. I’d love to hear your thoughts on this, here on the blog or via twitter¬†@vascellari.


Talk by Jonas Birgersson
Animation by Finsta
Production by Simon Klose

Wind of Change Blowing on Content Producers

Photo by Martin-Neuhof

“Hey Andrea! When will you release a new post on your blog? Can’t wait for it!”
I’m happy when I receive direct messages like this one. Yes I will keep blogging, I’m just going through an intense period that doesn’t leave me much space for producing ‘free content’ here on my blog.

In the last 6 months business exploded for my team and me at itive. We are taking care of several new projects and have new clients waiting down the line to work with us. This period in which I’m living now got me thinking about the time I spend creating and sharing free value VS payed work for my clients.

The good side of the free content is that it helps me to share snippets of what I do with people who find value in it and end up contacting me when they need help with their marketing, PR, web design, etc. This ultimately translates in more work for my team. Sharing free content on my blog also gives me the chance to exchange thoughts, ideas, and opinions with you. Learning from each other is priceless. I am and will always be thankful for what I learned and will keep learning from our conversations.

On the other hand, the client work I do with itive is what ultimately puts food on the table and pays the bills. So when new projects come, I have to take care of them.

I see many other friends and colleagues changing their relationship with the free content they produce. Here are a few names:

The balance between investments in free VS payed is my dilemma and it’s not something that I extend to the people I listed. Someone might be drowning in new tight schedules, others have less or nothing more to say so they are reducing the amount of time for producing free content to leave space for other activities that add more value at a personal level or for the organization they are working for. Priority is shifting.

I feel that we (content producers) all have arrived to a point in which we are evaluating more carefully where to invest our time, energy and experience.

Am I going to start charing for my content?
I don’t think this will happend anytime soon. Part of the what I produce will keep being released for free, but recently I’ve been thinking about if/how this will change in future.

There’s a wind of change blowing in our industry that is making me and many other content producers think. Do you feel it? What’s your take? And if you are a content producer how are you dealing with it?