How to Get the Best Out Live Events

23' International Trophy "Judo Vittorio Veneto" - 19/20 Feb. 2011

The web is starting to become a natural extension of ‘real world’ events. However, in order to achieve success you need to do it right. One of the niches in which my team and I specialized through the years is strategic online communications for events.

Last week we were in Italy where we helped the organizers of the International Trophy “Judo Vittorio Veneto” to get the best out of their event. 310 clubs, 2100 registered athletes from 18 countries, a 4500 seat sport arena, 2 days of competition and 1000 squared meters divided into 8 competition areas make this event the largest International judo tournament in Italy and among the top judo tournaments in Europe.

Itive crafted and handled the entire online communication plan of the event. Here are some interesting stats:

  • 30 hours of live video were streamed.
  • 181,000 minutes transmitted worldwide during the 2 days of the event.
  • 650 GB of bandwidth for transmitting the data online.
  • 1 control room, 3 cameramen, 2 directors of general video, 2 directors online.
  • Updates and moderation in real time via live chat, Twitter, and Facebook.
  • Results and brackets of the fights downloadable online at the end of each day.
  • 3 photographers, +800 photos, +23,000 views in 2 days.
  • …and more

I encourage you to go and take a look at the entire case study that we shared on the blog. There you’ll see several other stats that I’m sure you’ll find interesting and inspiring if you are looking to get the best out of your events. If then you want to see some broken arms and a few black eyes belts in action you can hit play on the video player below which is streaming all the finals that were shot during the weekendĀ on-demand.

And indeed if you need help with your events, well my team and I will be happy to help you out šŸ˜‰


5 Stages of Successful Online Video Marketing

Episode: VMC #342 – 5 Stages of Successful Online Video Marketing – [right click to download the source file – ‘Save the link as…’, video-player available below]

In Milan I wasn’t alone at theĀ Forum della Comunicazione Digitale 2011, Leah D’Emilio (CCO,Ā delivered a really interesting presentation during the special “Ignite Italia” session arranged for the event. She discussed how successful online video marketing can be thought of as strategic storytelling and requires the same production process as filmmaking: development, pre-production, production, post-production, and distribution. By applying these 5 stages of production when creating an online video (whether for a single video or a series), a business or brand can unquestionably build a more solid structure for meeting their business and communication objectives.

Check out Leah’s presentation in the video and slides below!