5 Stages of Successful Online Video Marketing

Episode: VMC #342 – 5 Stages of Successful Online Video Marketing – [right click to download the source file – ‘Save the link as…’, video-player available below]

In Milan I wasn’t alone at the Forum della Comunicazione Digitale 2011, Leah D’Emilio (CCO, itive.net) delivered a really interesting presentation during the special “Ignite Italia” session arranged for the event. She discussed how successful online video marketing can be thought of as strategic storytelling and requires the same production process as filmmaking: development, pre-production, production, post-production, and distribution. By applying these 5 stages of production when creating an online video (whether for a single video or a series), a business or brand can unquestionably build a more solid structure for meeting their business and communication objectives.

Check out Leah’s presentation in the video and slides below!


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