Marketing Over Coffee Awards

Marketing Over Coffee Awards

The Marketing Over Coffee Awards honor those who have done exemplary work in Marketing over the past year. Often the winners sit at the intersection of Marketing and Technology, having identified a future trend and put it to work. The awards also seek to honor those who educate, have a commitment to their community, are professional, and do work of the highest quality.

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QR Digital Assistant – Case Study

Logistia Technology Center

Logistia Technology Center (Finland)

Marketing Over Coffee Award Winner


The Logistia Technology Center is the #1 Science Park in Finland.

Companies based at the Logistia Technology Center don’t always have personel 24/7 at their offices. Some of them have headquarters outside the Technology Center and use the office at Logistia only to receive prospects, leads and customers during certain hours or days per week. Generally, the large majority of the offices are unattended during lunch breaks, holidays or closing days. Continue reading “QR Digital Assistant – Case Study”

QR Codes – What They Are & How They Work

In the style of a movie trailer parody, the following video is the full version of an informative series about the emerging technology of QR Codes that my team at and I created.

QR Codes are one of the latest emerging technologies in digital marketing and communications. Users may discover QR Codes in their environment or on their favorite products and then scan them with their phones to be taken to additional information online. The creative and strategic uses of QR Codes are being seen world wide as more and more organizations, as well as individuals, are implementing them into their marketing and advertising campaigns. From jewelry and t-shirts, to cupcakes and temporary tattoos, who knows where you will find the next QR Code…and where it will take you.

Did you like this video? You can check out Parts 1, 2 and 3 by clicking on the following links: What Are QR Codes? (Part 1), How To Use QR Codes (Part 2), and How To Create QR Codes (Part 3). Enjoy!

How can QR Codes help you? If you have any questions or are interested in learning more about how you and/or your organization can benefit from using QR Codes, please feel free to contact us 🙂