LeWeb Conference

Episode: VMC #334 – LeWeb Conference
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Paris (a city I love) + LeWeb (great web conference) = Awesome mix.
How’s the event? Massive as usual, tons of people and friends, great networking…I’ll repeat that…great networking. Beside presentations and panels the real value is the huge number of key people you can meet at events like this.
I’m putting together the best snippets concerning marketing, PR, social media and communication. I’ll release that in a video after the conference so stay tuned. Meanwhile enjoy this short overview of the conference that I’ve just edited with imovie on my iphone (just great and sooo handy!).

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VMC is Back

Episode: VMC #225 – VMC is back
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Thoughts from Joseph Jaffe

Episode: VMC #220 – Thoughts from Joseph Jaffe

Joseph is one of the few special and authentic persons I know in this industry.

I recorded this video last week in New York at launching of his new book. If you don’t know Joseph make sure you click this link.


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How Does the Internet See You

Episode: VMC #218 – How Does the Internet See You [right click to download ‘Save the link as…’, video-player available below]

Personas scours the web for information and attempts to characterize the person – to fit them to a predetermined set of categories that an algorithmic process created from a massive corpus of data. The computational process is visualized with each stage of the analysis, finally resulting in the presentation of a seemingly authoritative personal profile”.

How to use it?

Run ‘Personas‘ before and after a campaign, product launch, news realease, etc. and you’ll notice how the digital portrait will change. This is a great tool that can help you in defining how a brand, or personal brand, is/can be perceived online and whether your communications plan got the right message across or not. Remember: this is a complement, not a substitute to your strategic communications plan.

I mentioned Personas in my report last year in August 2009 and I kept playing around with it for the last 6 months. It’s a valuable tool and I’m still using it so I thought to show it in action with this video. Enjoy it!

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All this is nothing without a plan! Please keep it in mind.
The focus of this post is more at tactical level. Don’t forget your strategy. Your analysis must support, focus and be related to your overall strategy. If you have no idea of what I’m talking about I suggest you to have a look at a couple of other posts I wrote and that you might find interesting:
Communications Planning Guide: A step by step road map that will help in crafting your plans at strategic and tactical level.
Communications Plan – Strategy & Tactics: Helps you in understanding the difference between strategy and tactics. Way to many people still confuse or mix the two.
7 New Marketing Tips for your Organization: What new marketing does and why it works. List of basic tips that you can take into action in your business/organization.

Had a look at Personas? Got some inspiration, ideas, suggestions? Go on! Share them in the comments or via twitter @vascellari (in order to help me and other readers to monitor the conversation please remember to link back to this post!).