Advertising Club of Toledo – Luncheon Program

On November 16th, I’ll be speaking at the Advertising Club of Toledo‘s monthly luncheon program in Toledo, Ohio (U.S.A.). The general theme of my talk will be about strategic online advertising and marketing.

As I finish to prepare my presentation, I would like to know what AdClub members are most interested in learning about, their professional background, and their level of experience in the “digital space”, so that I can tailor a few points of my presentation to their interests and experiences.

For example, would AdClub members like to know more about how to use social media within their advertising/marketing strategies? About the importance of creating relevant content as part of a digital strategy? Or perhaps about any campaigns with a positive ROI where new tactics made the difference?

Those are just a couple of examples to get the juices flowing, but please go ahead and fill out the following form and I will incorporate your interests into my final presentation.

You can also feel free to email me at or @/DM me on Twitter – @vascellari

And just a friendly remember that registration for the luncheon must be made by Monday, November 14th.

Thanks for your input and I look forward to meeting and speaking with you on November 16th!
I’d like to thank Joe & Nick from UlrichPinciotti Design Group for sponsoring my presentation.


3 thoughts on “Advertising Club of Toledo – Luncheon Program”

  1. Andrea,

    Welcome to Toledo! Thank you for speaking to the AdClub this afternoon. Great topic and presentation. A++++.


    1. Hi Patrick! Thanks again for inviting me as a guest speaker. As I said also to Patty, I’m really impressed by how active the club members are, which made my experience even more enjoyable knowing that they are genuinely interested in learning as much as they can about this industry. Let’s definitely stay tuned!

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