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Strategic Online Marketing

The Advertising Club of Toledo recently invited me as the guest speaker for their monthly luncheon program held at the Toledo Club in – you guessed it – Toledo, Ohio.

My presentation focused on strategic online advertising and marketing, but in order to make sure I addressed the interests and questions of people who would be attending the luncheon, I created a survey that people could fill out and submit beforehand so I could tailor a few points to their input.
It was very exciting to see how many people filled out the surveys and just how active AdClub members are. Needless to say, it made my experience that much more enjoyable knowing how interested the audience was in the industry!

My talk is broken down into 4 main points:

  • You – refers specifically to those who filled out the online survey, interesting numbers even if you’re not an AdClub member
  • Context – why branding is the core element of marketing & advertising
  • Branding in the Digital Age – defining the role of branding in the “attention era”
  • Social Media Implementation – how to strategically use social media at different stages

You can view the slides from my talk below or click through to my SlideShare page where you’ll find this presentation + more:

Again, I’d like to thank the AdClub of Toledo for having me as their guest speaker and a very special thanks to Joe, Nick and their team at UP Design Group for sponsoring my presentation. As always, I invite you to send me your feedback by either commenting here on my blog or by visiting my profile on LinkedIn and leaving a recommendation there. You can also feel free to follow me on Twitter and I encourage you to subscribe to the itive newsletter for more tips and upcoming industry related updates.


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