Do You Need an Infographic?

Do you need an infographic? You might want to talk to these guys.
These are some nice graphical summaries that Daniel, Carla and Bauke created during my talk last week at the Switch Conference in Porto (Portugal). Their contact info is below, enjoy!

11-04 Porto (Portugal)

11-04 Porto (Portugal)

11-04 Porto (Portugal)

Daniel, Carla, Bauke and me in Porto

11-04 Porto (Portugal)

Digital Evolution at Switch 2011

Switch Conference 2011

This weekend I’ll be speaking at the 2011 edition of the Switch Conference in Porto (Portugal).

“Switch is a two-day event that gathers people with different background experiences to discuss technology, science, entrepreneurship, creativity and innovation in a network-friendly environment.”

My presentation will focus on ‘Digital Evolution’. I will talk about why the need to constantly evolve in the digital space has become something that isn’t just important but necessary for anyone who wants to succeed. I’ll explain why we have to re-think of websites as ‘digital brains’ instead of a simple ‘online presence’ and I’ll give 5 practical tips on how to prevent and eventually overcome 5 of the most frequent causes of digital extinction that brands, organizations and at times also individuals are facing today.

I hope to see you there!


UPDATE: These are the slides of my presentation. Enjoy!

How Brands Can Survive & Thrive Online – Digital Evolution

Episode: VMC #341 – How Brands Can Survive & Thrive Online – Digital Evolution [right click to download the source file – ‘Save the link as…’, video-player available below]

Yesterday I was in Milan (Italy) to present at a special edition of Ignite Italia during the Forum della Comunicazione Digitale 2011 held at Palazzo Mezzanotte in Piazza Affari.

My talked was about “digital evolution” and how “digital species” – in this case websites & web properties of brands and organizations – need to adapt to environmental changes (new technologies, etc…) or else they will be wiped off the face of the world wide web.

Here’s the video and slides from my presentation. Enjoy!


Digital Brains

Episode: VMC #338 – Digital Brains [right click to download the source file – ‘Save the link as…’, video-player available below]

Forget about websites as you know them and think of websites as digital brains that people use or connect to in order to achieve thier objectives…

Here’s the video of the presentation I gave at Ignite this week in Rome (Italy) during Social Media Week (slides below). Enjoy it!


(Special thanks to Livia Iacolare for shooting the video!)