Do as the Romans! – Social Media Week

This week I’ll be in Rome for Social Media Week. Together with me from the team will be Leah D’Emilio (Chief Communications Officer).

Here’s where you can find me:

  • Wed. 9 Feb. – I will be a guest speaker during a special social media session for entrepreneurs alongside LA based Online Communications Strategist Eric Schwartzman.
  • Web. 9 Feb – On stage at Ignite Italia. Info & venue here. My presentation: Digital Brains! -I’m sure many of you will find it interesting 😉 Leah D’Emilio has a ‘bomb’ presentation on Social Video 101… I already got a preview, but I can’t wait to see it again live!
  • Thu. 10 Feb. – Networking Happy Hour . This is where you want to be. THE meetup organized by Fabio Lalli, Indigeni Digitali & Co.

Aside from these official presentations, my agenda is already packed with meetings, etc. so stay tuned via twitter @vascellari and remember when in Rome…


Need help with your B2B Marketing? B2B Marketing Europe is the answer

Need help with your B2B markting? I’m sure that by attending this event organized by KGS Global [client] all your questions will find an answer. [post released via]

B2B Marketing Europe - KGS global

If you are a VP or Director of Marketing, Marketing Manager, Channel Marketing Executive or if you are a President/CEO/Managing Director interested in find out more on the new frontier of B2B Marketing, this is the event you are looking for: European B2B Marketing Conference, 1st 2nd Dec. in Berlin (Germany).

A unique networking opportunity and an amazing speakers lineup that includes also our friend Chris Brogan. In addition to that during the second day of conference you’ll have the chance of attending a workshop to learn how you can use Facebook, Twitter and other social media tools in your B2B marketing strategies hosted by Nicole Simon (Social Media Strategist – Itive). You’ll learn:

  • What B2B can learn from successful B2C companies
  • How to build a relevant, exciting and interactive Facebook page for your company (and why that includes Twitter)
  • Facilitate interaction between your company and ‘fans’ / ‘friends’ / ‘followers’
  • Maximize your content online through social media tools
  • How to be remarkable online
  • And of course you’ll be able to share your experiences with other attendees!

Follow the official hashtag #b2beu for more information!

Together with Mashable, Read Write Web, and GyroHSR is official partner of the event. We are supporting Irina Kremin and her KGS Global team to get the best out of the event. Hope to see you there!