Flip the Funnel – Book Launch

Episode: VMC #219 – Flip the Funnel – Book Launch

“Retention can become the new acquisition” Joseph Jaffe

Last week Joseph Jaffe officially launched his new book ‘Flip The Funnel‘ at the Roger Smith Hotel in New York. I had the chance of having a glass of wine with Joseph a few days before, during social media week. We had a nice chat and he gave me a few insights and a copy of the book with a special note… (Thank you Joseph).

Nope, this is not a sponsored post. I chose to blog about it because I’m more than happy to share with you the inspiring thoughts of a great marketer and a good friend. I’ll review the book so stay tuned.


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What Could Lead Google’s Empire to Crack

Yes that’s the first thing I thought yesterday morning when I got Google Buzz running on my gmail… Google is losing focus.

I watched the live presentation, but I still wanted to play around with it a little bit before sharing my thoughts.

“Google Buzz is a new way to share updates, photos, videos and more…” What? Who needs that?!

  • Do I want to say and share something when I’m on the go? Yes, but I’ve been doing it on Twitter since 2006. Google feels a bit like a late comer.
  • Want to stay tuned on what people near me are buzzing about? Ok, but I’m already using Foursquare for that.
  • Status updates? Sure, but Facebook is where many of my friends live and even though it could be fun getting them on buzz not everyone uses gmail.

My take? Google is feeling the pressure from Twitter and Facebook. And you know what? It’s ok. It’s fine to have someone in the space that takes care of sharing micro updates and connecting with others.

Google should do what it is really good at doing…Google’s goal is to organize the world’s information. Google’s Social Search? Amazing. Google’s Real Time Search? Fantastic… so stick with it Google!

Google is huge and keeps growing. From this point on losing focus is what could lead Google’s empire to crack.

Your take? Share it in the comments or via Twitter @vascellari (remember to link to this post, it will make it easier for me to track the conversation).


Super Bowl XLIV on Rocketboom is a daily international news program based in New York City that covers and creates a wide range of information and commentary from top news stories to contemporary internet culture.

Earlier this week Leah D’Emilio (Director/Producer at and Rocketboom host @mememolly recorded a Super Bowl episode with Ryan Hunter from Poykpac ( and guess what… they had an extra role for me as an ‘American’ watching the game. It was great working with everyone to make this episode! + It was really nice to meet Neal Bledsoe with whom I had really nice chat on the evolution of traditional media.

This Sunday I’ll be in New York and of course I won’t miss the New Orleans Saints VS Indianapolis Colts for Super Bowl XLIV so let me know if you are in for it and we’ll meet up! (drop a comment or reach me via twitter @vascellari).


UPDATE: all backstage photos here!

Molly goes to her first Super Bowl party. This week’s Casual Friday was written, directed, and edited by Ryan Hunter. MemeMollyJenn Lyon, Taige JensenNeal BledsoeBrett Haley, and Andrea Vascellari.

[Report] for February 3rd 2010 –

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How Does the Internet See You

Episode: VMC #218 – How Does the Internet See You [right click to download ‘Save the link as…’, video-player available below]

Personas scours the web for information and attempts to characterize the person – to fit them to a predetermined set of categories that an algorithmic process created from a massive corpus of data. The computational process is visualized with each stage of the analysis, finally resulting in the presentation of a seemingly authoritative personal profile”.

How to use it?

Run ‘Personas‘ before and after a campaign, product launch, news realease, etc. and you’ll notice how the digital portrait will change. This is a great tool that can help you in defining how a brand, or personal brand, is/can be perceived online and whether your communications plan got the right message across or not. Remember: this is a complement, not a substitute to your strategic communications plan.

I mentioned Personas in my report last year in August 2009 and I kept playing around with it for the last 6 months. It’s a valuable tool and I’m still using it so I thought to show it in action with this video. Enjoy it!

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Show Notes & Credits: Personas, Music by Dennis Logan

All this is nothing without a plan! Please keep it in mind.
The focus of this post is more at tactical level. Don’t forget your strategy. Your analysis must support, focus and be related to your overall strategy. If you have no idea of what I’m talking about I suggest you to have a look at a couple of other posts I wrote and that you might find interesting:
Communications Planning Guide: A step by step road map that will help in crafting your plans at strategic and tactical level.
Communications Plan – Strategy & Tactics: Helps you in understanding the difference between strategy and tactics. Way to many people still confuse or mix the two.
7 New Marketing Tips for your Organization: What new marketing does and why it works. List of basic tips that you can take into action in your business/organization.

Had a look at Personas? Got some inspiration, ideas, suggestions? Go on! Share them in the comments or via twitter @vascellari (in order to help me and other readers to monitor the conversation please remember to link back to this post!).


[Report] for January 27th 2010 –

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Richard Edelman on Trust Barometer 2010

The Edelman 2010 Trust Barometer survey of trust and credibility in business and government has just been released.

According to Richard Edelman (President & CEO Edelman) business has stabilized and trust has risen in few countries such as the US but generally the picture is much more solid.

However trust in business is very fragile and business has to learn that the biggest drivers of corporate reputation are no longer an outstanding CEO and having terrific financial results.

Today the main reputation drivers are:

  • Quality products & services
  • Trust in the company
  • Transparent operations

That’s the new normal for corporation.

Downloads & Coverage


Smart Use of Google Calendar

Productivity – Google Calendar is more than a simple calendar. Here’s how it works for me.

I create different calendars and use them for different purposes like:

Do/Done list: In this calendar I write what I have to do everyday. What I can’t accomplish in a certain day is moved to the next one or to a different date. At the end of each day I have a list of tasks that I completed and a list of upcoming tasks that I’ll have to take care of in the next days/future. I usually mark the entries in this calendar as ‘all-day’, I don’t set specific time or place.

Meetings: In this calendar I save all my meetings – virtual (via Skype, Adobe Connect, Cisco, Google Hangout etc.) and in the real world (face to face). All the entries have detailled information about place (for virtual meetings I mention a specific URL or on which platform they’ll run), time (including the corresponding time for participants that live in other countries. Here’s a handy tool that can help you setup your meeting time) and alarm notifications.

Use hastags (#): Google calendar is searchable. By using hashtags in your calendar entries it will be easier for you to search and keep track of certain items/lists over time. I use #tags for all sort of activities in my calendars (work, sport, shopping, etc.)


As you probably noticed in the first screen-shot (above) some of my calendars are named as ‘project…’. In the next post dedicated to tools I’ll share how you can use Google Calendar to help you with your project management. Stay tuned by subscribing to this RSS feed!

Did you know that you can manage and sync all your calendars on the go? You might find interesting:

How do you use Google Calendar? Share your tips and ideas in the comments or via a quick “comment-ready-tweet” @vascellari!


2010 Blueprint

This is a blueprint of what I’m planning to share on my blog in 2010. I created it few days ago during my flight to New York keeping in mind who you are and what you need (remember Tag Yourself?).

The tool I used is mindnode and as you can see it’s still a draft that I intentionally left incomplete because I wanted to hear your thoughts about it. The aim is to ultimately add value to what you’ll read/watch here on my my blog in 2010.

What would you add or change?



  • draft #1 here.
  • draft #2 here.
  • the one you see now is the 3rd version and it’s based on the ideas & feedback you gave so far. If you still feel to add something feel free to share.

click on the pict to enlarge

[Report] for January 16th 2010 –

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